Interstate Pileup Leaves 42 Cars Crashed 

( With visibility impaired, a hapless motorist drifted into the oncoming traffic’s center lane and crashed with the front vehicle at high speed, setting off a chain reaction of horrific events, all captured on a dashcam. 

Vehicles continue to slam into one another, releasing shrapnel and other debris. 

The accident on the M1 highway near Herceghalom on March 11 involved five trucks and 37 automobiles. 

A dust storm raced over a road in Hungary, causing a 42-vehicle pileup that resulted in one fatality and 39 injuries, and it was all recorded on terrifying video. 

On Saturday at around 2.25 p.m., a large-scale motor vehicle accident occurred about 16 miles (26 km) from Budapest, the capital of Hungary. 

Ten children were among the 39 people hurt, and 19 cars were entirely written out. Two victims’ injuries are estimated to be life-threatening, while another 12 are in critical condition. According to local media, the body of a 44-year-old man was reportedly not recovered from the debris until the following day. 

Additional video footage from the site reveals the severity of the freeway pileup, with some cars destroyed by fire. 

When rescuers rushed to the site, smoke rose from the unrecognizable automobiles. 

There was clear evidence that some automobiles had ended up on top of one another with broken glass and bent metal strewn about. 

Four helicopters and sixteen ambulances were sent to the area in a frantic bid to rescue the victims. 

Firefighters and volunteers from the nearby town of Bicske also hurried to the site to put out the blaze and cool down several automobiles involved in the collision. 

Thirty-nine victims were sent to area hospitals. 

The Hungarian authorities who manage and maintain the highways blamed a nearby dust storm for the deadly crash. 

All lanes of traffic on the highway have resumed, and a criminal inquiry has been initiated.