Insider Claims Elon Musk Has ‘Demon-Like’ Outbursts

Elon Musk’s biographer claims the billionaire has demon-like outbursts he can’t even remember having.

Author Walter Isaacson followed Tesla mogul Elon Musk for three years, describing the billionaire as having numerous personalities.

On Monday’s episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough interviewed Isaacson about his new book and the numerous facets of the 52-year-old’s personality.

Isaacson said Musk has many personas, almost like multiple personalities, and a little like his father, whom he doesn’t talk to anymore: a Jekyll and Hyde.

He said Musk would feel elated or deep in engineering mode, able to decipher the raptor engine’s valve, and suddenly the clouds roll in. Amazingly, after he has gone entirely dark and been devilishly harsh to everyone, he will come around and has very little recollection of it.

Isaacson noted that when he began working on his book, Musk was the only person in the United States who could launch American astronauts into space from American soil, and he was ushering in the age of electric automobiles. It’s an interesting tech story, the author said.

The writer described Musk’s surprise revelation last year that he was purchasing the social media behemoth, Twitter, saying that he was mulling over the purchase and traveled to Hawaii in a two- or three-night binge and then chose to take it over.

According to a book extract, Billionaire Bill Gates described Musk’s hostile behavior toward him when Gates took a short position in Tesla shares.

In April 2022, Musk acknowledged that he had turned down Gates’ philanthropic proposal because of the stock shorting event, and he revealed the text exchange between the two men.

According to the messages, Musk and Gates were planning to meet up, and Musk asked Gates whether he still had a $500 million short bet on Tesla.

Musk shot back that Gates’ altruism on climate change was laughable because of his massive short position on Tesla, the firm doing the most to combat climate change.

Gates told Isaacson he had apologized to Musk for the event, but the two were still not on good terms.

After the text conversation was made public, Musk posted a meme that seemed to make light of Gates’ weight, but he said he was done talking about it.

On September 12, the biography named Elon Musk will hit shelves.