Illegal Alien Found Not Guilty For Beheading Girlfriend 

In 2021, Cuban illegal immigrant Alexi Saborit-Viltres was found guilty of first-degree murder for the daylight beheading of his American lover America Mafalda Thayer in Shakopee, Minnesota. 

Hospitalized in May of 2020 for hallucinations, Saborit-Viltres had been in a committed relationship with Thayer. On July 12, his legal team submitted a motion arguing that he should be declared not guilty because of his mental disorder.

Psychologists were referenced in the judge’s findings as having concluded the immigrant’s mental disorder prohibited him from comprehending the immorality of his acts. Psychosis and delusions were among the many mental disorders for which Saborit-Viltres was treated. He was meant to have been deported a decade ago, but ICE officials could not secure a valid passport and visa paperwork in time. Friends say that Saborit, a former employee of My Pillow founder Mike Lindell, officially immigrated to the United States and changed her name to “America” once she became a naturalized citizen.

Saborit was convicted of the brutal assault on Thayer, who was on their way to court to answer on felony charges for allegedly setting fire to their flat following a dispute with police. After his turbulent 12-year relationship with Thayer ended, he went crazy. 

Caroline Lennon, a district judge in Scott County, stated in her written decision that she was convinced without a shadow of a doubt that the defendant had planned out their actions. Her article said that Saborit’s “decision to put down the dumbbell and use the machete is evidence of a deliberate thought process.”

When asked by the news station whether he was “pleased with the judge’s order,” County Attorney Ron Hocevar said, “Yes, I am.” 

This order imposes an automatic life sentence without parole. Although Saborit was determined to be mentally competent to stand trial, the defense still has the option to “plead mental illness” during a hearing scheduled for June 1.

In the state of Minnesota, anyone convicted of first-degree murder has the option of appealing directly to the state supreme court. After Thayer attempted suicide by poison and other ways, Saborit said he murdered her in self-defense. Defense counsel Michelle McLean claimed that an opportunity killing should not result in a first-degree murder conviction. Saborit brutally attacked the couple just before their court date on allegations that he had set their flat on fire after an altercation with cops.