Hillary Clinton GOES DARK – Something Is Up

According to the UK Independent, former 2016 Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, herself not a stranger to investigations, has been noticeably quiet about former President Donald Trump being indicted in the Stormy Daniels hush money case, despite Trump’s repeated calls to “Lock Her Up” during the 2016 election.

Even as Trump was in a Manhattan courtroom for his arraignment on Tuesday, Hillary’s only tweet that day was to urge Wisconsin voters to show up at the polls and vote in Tuesday’s state election.

Hillary’s lack of reaction came as a surprise to several news outlets, including USA Today, particularly in light of the “Lock Her Up” chants popularized at Trump rallies in 2016 as well as then-candidate Trump’s frequent calls for Hillary to be investigated and arrested for her corruption.

In 2016, Trump frequently hammered Hillary over the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, the Clinton Foundation’s pay-for-play fundraising scheme, and her private email server, even once joking that maybe Russia could find the 33,000 emails Hillary got rid of. 

Given how carefully Hillary is managed, it could be possible her advisers urged her to avoid weighing in on Trump’s legal troubles as a way to make her look more gracious and mature than her former 2016 challenger.

On the day Trump was in Manhattan to be arraigned, Hillary was also in New York on Tuesday where she was the honoree at a state dinner at The Lotos Club. Perhaps being photographed and filmed while hobnobbing with the rich and powerful in Manhattan was Hillary’s way of responding to Trump’s legal troubles.

Meanwhile, as Hillary was being honored at The Lotos Club, former President Trump was giving a campaign speech to his most faithful supporters at Mar-a-Lago. And during his speech, Trump once again brought up Hillary’s email scandal while talking about how our justice system has been politicized by noting that nothing happened to Hillary after she “got rid of 33,000 emails.”