Hamas Claims Terrorists’ Upheld ‘Islamic Values’ During Oct. 7 Attack

On Sunday, following their attack on Israel on October 7, the terrorist group Hamas published a report in which it claimed that its warriors were devoted to “Islamic values” and that any targeting of people happened “accidentally” during the bloodbath.

In its initial statement on the bloodshed that sparked the conflict, Hamas stated that the invasion, codenamed “Operation Al Aqsa Flood,” was an essential measure to counter what it called Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territories and to ensure the freedom of Palestinian detainees.

According to reports, the terrorist attacks that started the conflict occurred at the Supernova music festival, when 260 people were killed, and then continued in the streets and people’s homes. This led to the deaths of around 1,140 individuals, the majority of whom were civilians.

At least 360 individuals lost their lives during the concert; dozens more were either captured or burned alive in their houses; still, more were shot dead in front of their children, and yet more were either slain or taken captive while innocently walking in the streets. The systematic targeting of civilians is well-documented in helmet-cam footage, and all of the above has been proven. Hamas has been seen joyfully disseminating and applauding the documented atrocities.

Among the horrifying injuries sustained by the ladies, according to the volunteers who helped identify the victims, were fractured pelvises and gunshot wounds to the breasts and vagina.

The victims were mutilated, often shot in the face.

Terrorists from Hamas took 250 hostages in the extraordinary attacks; Israel estimates that 132 of them are still in Gaza.

The English and Arabic versions of the Hamas report brushed off the mountain of evidence pointing to the group’s deadly spree, calling it lies and fabrication.

The Palestinians claim they were vigilant in avoiding harming civilians even though the warriors in the resistance do not have precise weapons.

In light of the gravity of the terror group’s extensively recorded atrocities, investigations into potential crimes against humanity perpetrated by Hamas on October 7 have been initiated by international entities such as the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.