Greta Thunberg Won’t Serve Jail Time For Breaking Law 

On June 19, Great Thunberg and other demonstrators blocked traffic at the port’s oil terminal in Malmö, southern Sweden, and were arrested.

The  20-year-old Swedish climate activist was found guilty of defying police but will not go to jail. 

Thunberg, who sparked a worldwide youth movement calling for more measures to combat climate change, was found guilty and sentenced but said she acted out of necessity. Thunberg reportedly told the court that her actions were justifiable. 

After a brief hearing, the judge held her responsible and punished 1,500 Swedish kronor ($143) and an extra 1,000 kronor ($95) to be donated to the Swedish Fund for Victims of Crime.

Although she only received a fine, Thunberg’s offense carried a maximum term of six months in prison.

In June, a gathering of people against using fossil fuels attempted to block the entry and exit to Malmo Harbor; the action was organized by the environmental activist Ta tillbaka framtiden (Reclaim the Future).

As she entered the Malmö District Court this morning for her hearing, she was photographed with a bright smile.   

Thunberg and other young people started the Fridays for Future movement, which exploded in popularity worldwide.

The teenage activist has not limited herself to climate strikes; she has also been vocal in her criticism of governmental and political leaders for their inaction on climate change.

At the end of March, following the release of the latest assessment by the IPCC, the UN’s climate advisory body, she criticized what she called an “unprecedented betrayal” by world leaders.

In January, while demonstrating outside a coal mine in Germany, Thunberg was arrested for the second time in three days and was dragged away by riot police forces.

She was arrested alongside hundreds of other environmental activists during demonstrations against mining in the North Rhine-Westphalia town of Lutzerath.

Protesters battled with riot police as the community was being destroyed to make room for a coal mine expansion.