Government Expert Claims Biden’s Career Is In Jeopardy 

The head of the Government Accountability Institute, Peter Schweizer, has said that the truth is closing in on Joe Biden like a pack of wolves.

Schweizer and co-host Eric Eggers examine the three-pronged attack on President Joe Biden’s assertions that he had no involvement with his son Hunter’s business activities in the newest edition of the Drill Down podcast, leading Schweizer to declare that what we are seeing is the end of Biden’s career.

According to Schweizer and Eggers, the most damaging blow may be yet to come from Devon Archer’s testimony before the House Oversight Committee this week.

The oversight committee and the House Judiciary Committee are looking at deals in which Archer was engaged since he was a former business partner of Hunter’s. Archer joined Hunter on the Ukrainian oil firm Burisma board when Hunter was appointed. His testimony may reveal the innermost secrets of the Biden family’s schemes.

There are presently three primary lines of evidence against the Bidens. First, internal leaks from the FBI and the IRS demonstrate that their attempts to investigate these claims were met with political influence at the highest levels.

Next, a WhatsApp conversation leaked by a trusted source shows Joe Biden’s direct participation in these transactions.

And now we have the testimony of Hunter Biden’s right-hand man and business partner, Devon Archer, who is facing incarceration for fraud.

Schweizer thinks Archer’s testimony will shatter the status quo significantly. 

Archer and Hunter Biden had a dispute over a business venture involving a fraudulent Indian bond scam. Archer was found guilty, and he will go to prison. 

Who knows what Archer may say?

There might be more on the way. The name of Oleksandr Ostapenko, a guy who attended some of the Burisma meetings and went on to work in the Ukrainian government under President Zelenskyy, surfaced this week as a key figure. 

Concerns are also raised as to whether the Ukrainian government has been able to exploit the facts of Joe Biden’s participation as leverage against the Biden administration.

Because of these revelations, Joe Biden’s explanation—that he and Hunter had no dealings whatsoever—”will fall like a house of cards,” as one commentator put it. 

In the words of co-host Eric Eggers, Joe Biden is now “untenable.”