GOP Rep. Slams MTG Over Impeachment Moves

House Freedom Caucus member Ken Buck (R-CO) dismissed Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s remarks about the timetable for Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry as “absurd” just days before Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced the formal inquiry, NBC News reported.

While appearing on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki” on September 10, Rep. Buck responded to a video Greene posted in August in which she vowed not to vote for any spending measure until the House begins an impeachment inquiry into Biden.

Greene later toned down her rhetoric, saying on X in early September that the country deserves a vote for an impeachment inquiry rather than a “rush impeachment vote.”

When asked by host Jen Psaki to respond to Greene’s comments, Rep. Buck noted that Greene first introduced articles of impeachment against Biden shortly after he took office and suggested that considering her an “expert on impeachment” who gets to set the timing of an inquiry “is absurd.”

Buck said the timing of impeachment must be based on whether there is evidence linking President Biden to high crimes or misdemeanors, adding that this evidence “doesn’t exist right now.” He argued that impeachment must be “based on the facts.”

Buck said House Republicans shouldn’t be prioritizing impeachment right now, arguing that the House investigations into Hunter Biden’s foreign business deals have yet to find a “strong connection” to the president.

Just two days after Buck’s appearance on MSNBC, Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced that he directed the House Judiciary, Oversight, and Ways and Means committees to lead a formal impeachment inquiry into the president.

In remarks to reporters last Tuesday, McCarthy said it was the “logical next step” to give these committees the “full power to gather all the facts” to get the answers necessary. McCarthy said the allegations that President Biden profited from his family’s foreign business deals are “serious” and “credible” and warrant further investigation.

McCarthy accused the president of lying about what he knew about his family’s foreign business deals. He also cited the bank records that show the Biden family received millions from foreign entities and alleged that Hunter has received “special treatment” from the Biden administration.

McCarthy said that taken together, all of these allegations “paint a picture of a culture of corruption.”