FBI Used Phone To Track Down Suspect

According to reports, the search was called off Monday night after Roy McGrath, the ex-chief of staff of former governor Larry Hogan,  was located in Tennessee.

McGrath was followed by the FBI, who used the GPS coordinates from a number of mobile phones he possessed. The FBI did not want to comment on the claim concerning the use of cellphone location data while the investigation into the incident was still ongoing.

McGrath, 53, was shot and killed by an FBI agent during a confrontation with law enforcement near Knoxville, Tennessee. Whether McGrath shot himself or was killed by an agent is still unclear.

While the investigation is still underway, and what they can say is limited, the FBI did say that Mr. McGrath was taken to the hospital yesterday evening and unfortunately passed away from his wounds.

According to a statement, the FBI analyzes every shooting event involving an FBI special agent. All pertinent evidence is gathered from the site, and the shooting’s circumstances are thoroughly investigated. 

After serving as director of the Maryland Environmental Service from December 2016 to May 2020, McGrath was Hogan’s chief of staff for fewer than three months between June and August 2020. He was accused of fraud and theft related to his time while working for the state government.

The ex-chief of staff was supposed to appear in court on March 13, but he never showed up, prompting a search that lasted almost a month. For information leading to McGrath’s capture, the FBI and U.S. Marshals promised $20,000.

McGrath was arrested and charged with five charges of wire fraud, two counts of theft, and one act of document forgery. While working for Hogan, the ex-chief of staff was also accused of several acts of misbehavior and eavesdropping. McGrath was charged with collecting a severance package equivalent to one year’s salary from his prior post as director of the Maryland Environmental Service without first using vacation time for a tour across Europe.

In a statement released last week, Hogan voiced his approval of law enforcement’s ongoing pursuit of McGrath.