Donald Trump’s Foreign Payments Now Targeted

( The group Democracy for the Arab World Now (DAWN) recently called on the Justice Department and Congress to investigate Donald Trump’s financial ties to Saudi Crown Prince  Mohammed bin Salman.

After it was revealed that the wealth fund headed by the Saudi crown prince owns 93 percent of the LIV Golf tournament and pays all costs associated with its events, DAWN argued that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has been paying Trump millions over the last few years since the former president was paid to host several LIV tournaments at his golf resorts.

The group is asking that the former president be investigated to determine if the deals were legal.

Sarah Leah Whitson, DAWN’s executive director, said the discovery that the fund controlled by the crown prince owns nearly all of LIV Golf means Salman has been paying Trump “unknown millions for the past two years” under their “mutual corporate covers.” She claimed that Trump receiving money from Salman to host LIV tournaments is “dangerous,” “shocking,” and has “national security implications.”

DAWN accuses Trump of eliciting favors from the crown prince in exchange for his involvement with LIV Golf, including backing Jared Kushner’s Affinity Fund with a $2 billion investment and investing $1 billion with former Trump Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin’s Liberty Strategy Capital.

The group is asking the Justice Department and Congress to find out how far back the discussions between Trump and LIV Golf took place.

Whitson said if the negotiations to host LIV tournaments took place while Trump was still in the White House, the Justice Department should open a criminal investigation since federal law prohibits a sitting president to engage in business deals with members of foreign governments.

Whitson added that since Trump is running for president again, “his business ties to Mohammed bin Salman are a national security emergency.”

Democracy for the Arab World Now was established in 2020 to promote human rights and democracy in the Arab World.