Chris Wallace Asks Pelosi If It’s “Impossible” To Charge Trump

( CNN anchor Chris Wallace questioned former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi if it would be feasible to indict former President Donald Trump “even if the evidence were to bear out that Trump committed a crime” because now her party’s president has been snared in a similar scandal.

Wallace received praise from Pelosi for a well-stated breakdown of the distinctions between the two instances during their discussion, but it’s clear that the “distinctions” are far enough apart to keep Wallace from grilling the former Speaker of the House.

Wallace asked Pelosi if she thought the classified documents showing up in Joe Biden’s Office Home six years after he was vice president was equally as serious as the Trump incident.

Pelosi explained that it hinged on the “nature of the documents.” Pelosi fully knows that the documents Biden possessed were at the highest classification level, but she tried to mitigate the damage by saying Biden’s lawyers are finding these and “bringing them out.” Whereas President Trump was “obstructing access to them.”

Pelosi also tried to minimize Biden’s culpability by looking at the “volume” of the documents, fully knowing that just one mishandled document is a crime.

Wallace redirected Pelosi by noting that she spoke of “the nature of the documents.” He asked if the documents turned out to be very sensitive, would that be considered very serious?

Pelosi said it would be serious but wanted to wait to “see what they are.”

She said, “they used to tease up in the Intelligence Committee and just say, be careful because they’re going to stamp classified on the Washington Post.”

Realizing she was making light of the situation with her joke, Pelosi pivoted back to saying she takes the seriousness of the Biden documents “with great concern.”  She has complete respect for the classification.