Chris Pratt On Hollywood Plans: “You Ain’t Ready”

According to a report, actor Chris Pratt grabbed everyone’s attention by teasing information about the upcoming second season of “The Terminal List,” assuring viewers, “You ain’t ready.

The 44-year-old actor posted several photos of James Reece,  his Navy SEAL  character from the premier season of the program, on Instagram.

When commenting on the post, an ex-Navy SEAL and “The Terminal List” author Jack Carr responded with gratitude and wrote that Pratt exceeded all expectations.

In February, Pratt revealed that the program would be returning for a second season by releasing a video clip depicting his character traveling to a new location.

In the video, Reece is shown on the same vessel that he was on at the conclusion of the first season, which may be a clue that he is about to go on a new mission after his character just narrowly survived the last one, which started with the loss of his SEAL team and his entire family.

The direction he’s going in is alluded to as the camera pans down to a map. The map is held firmly by Pratt’s character, and the camera zeroes down on the words  “NIASSA.” and “Mozambique.”  The footage cuts off when he cranks the wheel of the boat.

According to Deadline, the first season of the show, which consisted of eight episodes, was a great success for Amazon and earned the No. 2 place on Nielsen’s weekly top ten streaming ratings list. 

According to the synopsis on IMDb, the program follows the ex-Navy SEAL officer as he looks into why his whole unit was attacked during a critical clandestine mission and tries to piece together what happened.

As for what’s next for Pratt, he’ll be heard as Mario in The Super Mario Bros. Movie and seen as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, according to a report.   Pratt’s recent roles include Thor: Love and Thunder, and he is the executive producer of  Jurassic World: Dominion and The Tomorrow War.