China Slams Taiwan VP For US Visit

The Chinese foreign ministry condemned Taiwan’s vice president, William Lai, after his short travel to the United States on Saturday, calling him a “separatist.”

As part of his journey to Paraguay for the new president’s inauguration, Lai arrived in New York City on Saturday. China has been more agitated by recent encounters between Taiwanese and American officials, reacting with frequent and large-scale military maneuvers surrounding the self-governed island.

The ministry said that Lai stubbornly adheres to the separatist position of Taiwan’s independence. They called Lai a troublemaker- “ through and through.”

China keeps a close eye on the situation and promises to take “resolute and vigorous measures” to protect its territory.

Later, the ministry said that Lai and Taiwanese leaders depended on the United States while seeking independence.

Neither Taiwan nor the United States provided specifics on Lai’s itinerary during his short stay in New York City. After arriving in Taiwan, the likely future president of the island nation stated on social media that he anticipated seeing friends and attending transit programs.

The Mainland Affairs Council, which makes policy toward China, reacted to the Chinese statement.

The council said the Taiwan government defends its national sovereignty. They said they would never back down, let alone capitulate.
Despite rumors to the contrary, Lai is not advocating for Taiwanese independence. On the campaign trail, he promised to keep things as they are; however, he did say that the people of Taiwan should have a say in the country’s destiny.

Since then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan in August 2022, tensions between China and Taiwan have only increased. The Chinese military has conducted military maneuvers around the island for many days on two consecutive occasions.

In a video they published last week, the Chinese government has also shown its preparedness to conquer the island.