Canadian Court Demands Jordan Peterson Undergo ‘Re-Education’

In the era of streaming and instant internet access to seemingly limitless information, almost anyone can become a global sensation. And while the internet is regulated in some regards, any individual with basic access to a phone or computer can surf the web or upload content of their own. Whether it be something as lighthearted as a skateboarding video or as serious as a personal hot-take on a global political issue, individuals in western nations have generally enjoyed a wide-ranging ability to freely express their opinions. Unfortunately, in recent years, some countries which have historically granted liberties of free-expression appear to be taking legal measures to limit the rights of citizens to speak plainly. This is case for one particular highly-intelligent Canadian, Dr. Jordan Peterson, a psychologist. An authoritative gubernatorial entity for psychologists in Canada mandated that Dr. Peterson undergo “re-education” training after having qualms with personal political opinions he made known online.

In recent years, Dr. Peterson has become a widely popular public speaker and guider for individuals across the western world. Peterson often speaks on topics regarding personal purpose, the necessity of sacrifice and discipline in everyday life, the modern feminist movement and modern gender roles, political power and totalitarianism, and free speech. He has been critical of the modern progressive movement, and often appears to espouse what is deemed by adversaries as “far right” political positions. In truth, Dr. Petersons opinions take the form of a relatively straightforward “common-sense” approach in which he places emphasis on the importance of personal responsibility in everyday life. This messaging has been extremely palatable to young men, who disproportionately flock to Petersons lecture tours and represent an overwhelming percentage of his viewership on the internet.

Peterson legally challenged the Phycology boards mandate, but earlier in the month, a Canadian court upheld the mandate, ordering Peterson to attend the classes. Peterson has pledged to make the details of the training completely public.