Biden To Send Another $250M To Ukraine

On Tuesday, the Pentagon confirmed that the $250 million assistance package the Biden administration had planned to deliver to Ukraine would finally be on its way.

Since Russia’s invasion began in February 2022, this is package number 45. With this appropriation, U.S. security aid to Ukraine will top $43 billion.

Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh stated that the department also announced an additional security assistance package to fulfill Ukraine’s vital security and defense requirements.

Singh said the United States will continue to engage with its friends and partners to equip Ukraine with the tools to address its urgent combat demands and longer-term security systems requirements.

The most recent distribution will consist of:
-AIM-9M missiles for Air defense
– Ammo reinforcements for the High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS)
-Artillery shells of 155mm and 105mm caliber
-Mine-sweeping machinery
-MISSILES that are fired from a tube and guided by an optical tracker and a wire
Javelin, along with various rocket and anti-armor systems
-Hydra-70 rockets
-More than three million rounds of ammo for handguns
-Ambulances and high-mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles (Humvees) with armored protection
-Weapons designed for destroying obstacles
-Tools, supplies, and other gear for use in the field

Earlier this month, Joe Biden reportedly urged Congress for an extra $24 billion in aid.

President Joe Biden pledged his support for Ukraine’s fight against Moscow in June for “as long as it takes.”

He said sustained effort will eventually force Russian President Vladimir Putin to question the wisdom of continuing the conflict.

The United States’ participation and goals in the war have been questioned in light of the seemingly endless supply of military supplies from the United States to Ukraine. With almost $75 billion already committed, American taxpayers are understandably curious about the ultimate goal of this massive expenditure.

Since the conflict broke out, the United States has reportedly given Ukraine about $75 billion in humanitarian, financial, and military aid, as the Council on Foreign Relations reported.