Biden Regime To Order Mass Arrests 

( Federal prosecutors in Washington, DC, have informed the court authorities that they would be making additional arrests and filing further charges concerning the demonstrations on January 6 at the Capitol.  

U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves recently submitted a one-page letter to the top federal court judge in Washington, DC, warning of an anticipated surge in cases in the coming months. 

Graves said in his letter that the Justice Department had predicted that anywhere between 700 to 1,200 more individuals may be charged. This would roughly triple the number of criminal charges involving January 6. 

Almost a thousand protestors have been detained thus far, with the most prevalent accusation being picketing within a government facility, which is tantamount to trespassing. In most cases, a fine would be the extent of the punishment for such a violation, but federal prosecutors and judges have put their boots on the necks of the January 6 protestors and made it clear they intend to keep doing so. 

Graves wrote that most new arrests would likely be of severe crimes. Graves stated that they anticipate “an orderly rise in the pace of introducing additional cases” over the coming three months. 

The municipal and federal reactions to the George Floyd protests and violent riots in 2020 were anemic compared to the crackdown on protestors on January 6. Instead of spending years tracking down the far-left rioters who besieged the White House and burnt historic buildings in 2020, the Department of Justice has chosen to focus its resources elsewhere. 

Overall, 9 out of ten charges leveled at violent BLM rioters were dropped, and in other areas, including Philadelphia and Dallas, that number was as high as 95%. The months-long unrest claimed the lives of 25 Americans and cost billions to repair. 

The mob on January 6 murdered no police officers.