Biden Ignores FBI Terror Warnings As Border Crisis Surges

Despite the FBI’s explicit warning that illegal immigration poses extremely serious concerns, the Biden administration has persisted in its activities that maintain an open border, according to Senator Marsha Blackburn’s comments in an interview with Newsmax on March 12th.

Senator Blackburn (R-TN) told Wake Up America that President Biden knows he can fix the situation with a pen stroke but chooses to blame Republicans and Congress. To him, it should be someone else’s blame, not his.  She went on to say that FBI Director Christopher Wray briefed the Senate Intelligence Committee that he sees all sorts of red flags, including terrorists (including people with links to ISIS), drug dealers, sex traffickers, and human traffickers.

With the ‘gotaways’ being a component of the very dangerous criminal illegal immigrants who are swarming our streets, Blackburn stressed that the unknowns are also an issue. She said she worries about possible terror attacks every day because of this circumstance.

Reports show that between 2017 and now, 342 individuals on the terror watchlist (the Terrorist Screening Database) have been captured by the US Border Patrol for illegally crossing the border. These figures have skyrocketed in the last several years.

An internal agency letter states that in February, ICE detained a Somali national from the al-Shabaab terrorist group who had been in the country unlawfully since March of 2023.  He had been freed and allowed to roam the US for over a year until his capture in Minnesota in January.

Senator Blackburn elaborated by saying that Americans should wake up and realize the gravity of the situation when they hear that individuals linked to terrorist groups have entered the country illegally and that individuals from Venezuela are being transferred to our southern border.  Nevertheless, the senator argued that Biden’s deliberate inaction over the border issue endangers our nation.