Vacation Tourist Dies Under Mysterious Circumstances

In the Mogán municipality of Puerto Rico, near the Colina Mar apartment complex, reports of a body discovered in a pool of blood were said to have belonged to a 33-year-old British visitor. Reportedly, he hurt himself after a tumble or a blow to the head.

While the findings of the autopsy are still awaiting, the island’s Civil Guard has indicated that there were indications of violence.

It is still possible that he died in an accident, even if first investigations suggest that his death could have been related to a crime. Rumors have said that he was under the influence of drugs, which has led to claims that he was “completely disoriented” during the whole thing. He was pronounced dead at the scene despite paramedics’ best efforts to revive him.

Police sources have now verified that the victim is indeed Irish, dispelling initial rumors that they were British.

The deceased man was identified as a 33-year-old Irishman by one respectable local newspaper and as a Britishman by another. He was pronounced dead at the scene despite paramedics’ best efforts to revive him. A judge-imposed confidentiality order prevented the island’s Civil Guard from making any formal statement, including revealing the man’s nationality, as they disclosed late Friday night.

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On the nearby island of Lanzarote, claims have arisen that a British motorist who was allegedly “drunk and drugged up” drove over a family of tourists, crushing the infant’s body at the age of four months. The hearing for 23-year-old British expat Olivia Brown, who is facing manslaughter and drunk driving accusations, was postponed because she suffered a panic attack.