Trump Slams Mexican President’s $20 Billion Demand

The head of the Republican Party, in yet another assault on Joe Biden, has chimed in on how world leaders “lack respect” for him, continuing Trump’s relentless pursuit of defeating Biden.

The US diplomat asked Mexico to do more to help stop illegal immigration during a meeting in January. The Mexican president’s answer was to call on the United States to end its embargo on Cuba, provide $20 billion to countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, end sanctions on Venezuela, and offer work permits to 10 million Hispanics with a minimum of ten years of experience in the workforce.

Ex-President Trump spoke with Brian Kilmeade of “One Nation” about the “lack of respect” that world leaders show President Biden and his policies.

Kilmeade spoke with Trump in an exclusive interview and brought up Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” reporter Sharyn Alfonsi.

In it, the president of Mexico said on ’60 Minutes that the United States will not close its borders until it changes its policies toward Cuba and Venezuela. Killmeade asked Trump if Mexico could dictate U.S. policy.

Trump said it wouldn’t happen with him or the wall.

Kilmeade then asked, “What changed?”

Trump said disrespect for the president is at the root of the problem. He said they would never address him in such a way or make such a claim before a meeting. Mexico has already requested $10 billion annually—”I would never give them a dime,” Trump said.

The president of Mexico has warned that the “flow of migrants will continue” until the United States complies with his requests.

During their discussion, Trump said that November 5th would be the most momentous day for our nation. Our nation is on a downward spiral, but something will change on November 5th; failing that, we will no longer be a nation.