Trump Says Israel Losing ‘the PR War’ Over Gaza

Trump criticized Israel once again on Thursday, his second attack on the Jewish state in as many weeks. He has always presented himself as a staunch supporter of Israel. However, he said on Thursday that Israel was “losing the PR war” due to the violence in Gaza and its social media postings depicting devastation.

Although Trump remained unwavering in his support for Israel throughout his presidency, his recent comments demonstrate a more critical stance toward the Jewish state.

While in office, Trump relocated the United States embassy from Tel Aviv to the contentious city of Jerusalem, thus recognizing it as Israel’s capital. Trump “fought for Israel like no president ever before, according to Trump.

Meanwhile, he has been critical of Israel and Benjamin Netanyahu’s leadership in this dispute again in recent weeks. Trump said that Netanyahu was unprepared for the Oct. 7 Hamas attack on Israel. Hezbollah, a terrorist Lebanese party that opposes Israel, was also deemed “very smart” by him.

And Trump remarked that Israel had made a “huge mistake” by releasing footage of the conflict in an interview published late last month in Israel Hayom, a news site whose editor is Republican megadonor Miriam Adelson.

Even though he has been critical of Israel, Trump has managed to win over its most ardent supporters. Adelson is one of them; Trump has had dinner with her many times in the last few months.

There is widespread speculation that Adelson may provide her support to Trump’s 2024 campaign after the over $100 million that she and her late husband, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, contributed to his previous campaigns.

Given that Trump has told Israel to finish up its war and to get the job done, Republican Jewish Coalition chief executive Matt Brooks said that Trump’s stance will not affect his standing with Jewish voters.