Strange Weather Pummels US West Coast

The eastern United States rides a temperature roller coaster this fall, with below- and above-normal readings, while the western United States stays warm with readings 10 to 20 degrees above average. The jet stream has taken a significant dive, bringing the coldest air to the Eastern United States since March. Dry air with dew points in the 30s and 40s has contributed to the crispness of the days with the lower temperatures.

Cities in Texas, such as Houston and San Antonio, are experiencing record heat with highs in the 90s, while others like Victoria and Beaumont shattered records established in 2001. As a weak storm system moves through the Midwest, many areas may experience warmer temperatures before the next cold front brings temperatures back down to below average for the season. While New York will see two days below and three days above the regular afternoon high of 64 degrees, Chicago will only have two days with temperatures near or above average over the next five days.

While Florida has warmed up a bit, several cities, including Orlando, are forecast to remain more relaxed than usual for the middle of October. Temperatures in Orlando are forecast to hover around 80 degrees rather than rise into the mid-80s as is customary.

Temperatures in the western United States have been consistently 10°C to 20°C above average for the past few months. Temperatures may exceed 100 degrees for four of the next five days, making Phoenix one of many cities suffering from the heat wave. For games three and four (and five, if required) of the National League Championship Series, the Philadelphia Phillies will travel to Phoenix to take on the Arizona Diamondbacks.

The weather in Arizona is being affected by the strong ridge of high pressure in the western United States, causing temperatures to soar to record levels in at least half a dozen states. From north of the San Francisco Bay Area to approximately King City, California, the National Weather Service has issued Heat Advisories that will stay in place until Thursday.