Smoking Is Banned Near U.S. Capitol, But Kevin McCarthy Is Asked To Overturn It

( A Reuters journalist named Patricia Zengerle posted something on Twitter that has a lot of people freaking out (but for the wrong reasons). She tweeted earlier this week, “So there’s indoor smoking on the House side of the Capitol now that the Republicans have gained control.”

Not at all, no. False.

The Reuters reporter was disseminating harmful false information.

House GOP aides reassured the Washington Free Beacon that smoking indoors is still prohibited on the House side of the Capitol.

However, the Washington, D.C., ban on indoor smoking does not apply to the private offices of House lawmakers, as Zengerle pointed out in a series of follow-up tweets that earned less than 500,000 views.

However, in response to Zengerle’s initial erroneous tweet, the American Cancer Society urged House Republicans to “prioritize health” and “reconsider” the choice “that allows smoking in the House side of the Capitol.”

The existence of American democracy is threatened by false information and various forms of deception. But smoking restrictions indoors are also an attack on freedom itself. Republican politicians don’t stop government bureaucrats from stealing our gas stoves and gas-powered pickup trucks if they don’t stand up to them when they try to take our cigarettes.

Kevin McCarthy, the Republican speaker of the House from California, needs to step up and demonstrate some leadership by rejecting Nancy Pelosi’s harsh ban on smoking within the House. He should also promptly schedule a vote on a bill that would outlaw indoor smoking restrictions across the board, especially in liberal states.

McCarthy should resign if he is too cowardly to do the job.

Why are House Republicans suddenly behaving like a bunch of stuffy nerds?  Rep. Tim Burchett (R., Tenn.) recently stated that “people shouldn’t be drinking” on the House floor, “especially when you’re a redneck.”

This outlandish claim was fact-checked and issued 4 Bidens.