Putin Ally Says Disaster Is Around The Corner 

(PresidentialWire.com)- A friend of Vladimir Putin has threatened an apocalypse if the West maintains to transfer arms to Ukraine to assist in its war against Russia. 

A report shows that in a reiteration of his past threats of nuclear war with Ukraine’s allies, Russia’s Medvedev stated that the impacts of a worldwide nuclear catastrophe could last for generations until the wreckage ceases to emit radiation. 

As Western allies were meeting on Ramstein Air Base in Germany to debate whether or not Germany would agree to provide Leopard 2 tanks in January, Medvedev warned NATO leaders to end the supply of new armaments to Ukrainian. 

Medvedev, who served as Russia’s president between 2008 and 2012 and had his control of Russia’s nuclear button, said a loss by Russia would result in the start of a nuclear war. 

As reported, in 2008, Putin stood down as President of Russia and was succeeded by Dmitry Medvedev, who served four years in that role. Putin then assumed the role of Prime Minister during that period. The action was considered symbolic, with many believing that Putin would continue to hold ultimate control. 

Some reports assert that Medvedev is grooming himself for another run at the presidency of the Kremlin in the event that Putin is forced to step down from his post due to bad health. 

In the past, Russia has said that it would only use nuclear weapons if confronted with an “existential danger.” 

According to reports, warnings have been given about the potential use of dirty bombs and tactical nuclear weapons in battle. Concerns have also been raised regarding the security of Ukraine’s nuclear power stations, which, if not adequately maintained, run the risk of causing a catastrophe on par with the one that occurred at Chornobyl.  

Additionally, the ongoing fighting in Ukraine could cause these facilities to be damaged. 

Reports show the US issued a stern warning to China, stating that significant repercussions would follow if they sent armaments to back Russia’s incursion into Ukraine. 

China claimed it sought dialogue and a peaceful resolution to the conflict in Ukraine. 

The Chinese foreign ministry said it had maintained communication with all parties involved.