Netanyahu Reverses Course After Blaming Security Agencies For Attack

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a message on Twitter appearing to blame the country’s security services for the terrorist attack his country endured on October 7, only to delete it later following a barrage of critical responses – including from his own cabinet.

The Prime Minister posted a second message on October 29 and apologized. “I was wrong. Things I said following the press conference should not have been said, and I apologize for that. I give full backing to all the heads of the security arms,” he said.

The initial post stated that he was not warned of an impending invasion by Hamas, and the country’s security services were under the impression that “Hamas was deterred and interested in an arrangement.”

Mr. Netanyahu has been under fire since the attack for what many believe is his failure to take responsibility. The Prime Minister has said that once the war is over, tough questions will need to be asked of Israeli politicians, including himself.

Political and military analysts were stunned by the Hamas attack and how the group managed to breach Israel’s iron-clad borders. What is known is that rockets began firing into Israeli territory at about 6.30 on the morning of October 7 – defeating Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system by overwhelming it with numbers. Thousands of rockets were fired at once.

Meanwhile, bulldozers demolished barbed wire fences at weaker parts of the border, and terrorists began entering Israel on foot, by car, and by motorcycle. Some flew over the barriers on paragliders. Hamas terrorists ran at the border at 27 different points, killing Israeli security personnel. Deep inside Israeli territory, the terrorists entered homes and killed civilians indiscriminately. They also drove through the city of Sderot, reportedly shooting bystanders.

The assault resulted in more than 1,400 Israeli deaths and thousands of injuries. Hamas terrorists also kidnapped over 200 people and are holding them in the Gaza Strip.