Giuliani Loses It Over Trump Indictment

The word that Donald Trump had been indicted circulated on Tuesday afternoon, and by Tuesday night, Rudy Giuliani was not doing an excellent job of processing the information.

Trump’s former personal attorney, Giuliani, lost his temper during an interview with Newsmax and slammed Jack Smith, the special counsel overseeing two criminal investigations against the former president. 

Smith is in charge of both inquiries.

Later, Giuliani claimed that the indictment violated Trump’s First Amendment right to free speech. Then he made the audacious proposition that Smith should be indicted for slandering the outgoing president.

Holding up the 45-page indictment, Giuliani fumed to Newsmax, saying Smith’s legacy would be violating an American citizen’s right to free speech.

According to the indictment, Giuliani is one of six individuals charged with conspiring with Trump to overturn the outcome of the 2020 election. According to the indictment, these people plotted with Trump to alter the election’s outcome.

Accusation Co-Conspirator 1 is described as a lawyer who spread false claims knowingly and pursued strategies that Trump’s re-election campaign lawyers would not.

Although Giuliani is not expressly mentioned, a link may be drawn between the description and other information provided in the text and the former mayor. Giuliani denies any participation in Trump’s scheme. 

Giuliani led a group of private lawyers that filed hundreds of lawsuits after the November 2020 election, saying they had evidence of widespread voting fraud that had swung the victory to Joe Biden. All of these attempts at disruption were fruitless. Giuliani said he had proof that massive vote fraud helped Joe Biden win the race.

So far, Giuliani has not provided ironclad proof of any election tampering or fraud.

Giuliani is embroiled in a lawsuit with a woman who claims to have recorded him disparaging Jews, calling Matt Damon a fag, and some other vile and suggestive misogynistic speech.