Gaza Conflict Surrounds Al Shifa Hospital

Israel was ordered by the World Court to take all required and successful measures to guarantee that the Palestinian population in the enclave of Gaza has access to essential food supplies and to stop the development of starvation.

Hamas authorities in Gaza claimed that a truce was deemed necessary to alleviate the humanitarian catastrophe. According to Basem Naim, a senior Hamas terror organization leader, Israel should be forced to cease its military onslaught to alleviate the suffering.

The International Court of Justice (ICJ) issued its ruling amid intense fighting outside Gaza’s Al Shifa Hospital, where Islamic Jihad and Hamas wing members claimed responsibility for attacking Israeli tanks and troops with rockets and mortar fire.

South Africa has accused Israel of state-sponsored genocide in Gaza and has asked for these fresh sanctions as evidence.

The United Nations Security Council agreed to call for an immediate end to the fighting and the unrestricted release of all captives. The US did not cast a veto but did not participate in the vote.

The Israeli foreign ministry did not immediately respond to the World Court’s decision. Humanitarian organizations are already able to reach Gaza by land, air, and sea thanks to Israel’s stated attempts to improve access.

Israeli officials have said that the only way for the conflict to stop is for Hamas to surrender, release all captives it has in Gaza, and bring those responsible for the assault on October 7th to justice.

The Israeli army said that it was still conducting operations near the Al Shifa Hospital compound in Gaza City. So far, its soldiers have eliminated around 200 terrorists while averting injury to patients, bystanders, medical teams, and medical material since the operation began.

On March 28th, Rear Admiral Daniel Hagari, the main Israeli military spokesman, stated on television that soldiers deployed at the hospital eliminated Raed Thabet, a quartermaster for Hamas, whom he characterized as one of the group’s ten most senior members.