Fox News Star Says People Are Tired Of “Human Sh*t” On People’s Porches

( While discussing a viral video of a business owner hosing down a homeless woman in San Francisco, Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said that people are tired of finding human waste on their porches, according to Mediaite.

An antique dealer was reportedly found spraying a homeless woman outside the store with a water hose. The incident was captured by a bystander and posted online, generating outrage from people who say that the homeless woman was treated inhumanely.

Gutfeld said that he supported homeless “autonomous zones,” where people could be homeless without facing issues from others.

“This is where you can go and practice this experimental lifestyle. And if you are back in the city panhandling, we will take you back there,” he said, adding that if people wanted to receive help, they should be helped. Responding to the video, Gutfeld said that he thinks everyone is frustrated and suggested that that person probably wakes up every day to human feces on their porch.

The man has said that he feels bad and that when he sees the video, he cannot believe it’s him. But he said that he “just snapped” and “didn’t know what else to do.” The man’s business has since been vandalized and he said that he has been flooded with death threats.

Another video captured by CBS News shows a man telling the business owner that he wants him to “move away because you treated somebody inhumanely.”

Comments on the Twitter video go after the man’s race, with some calling him a privileged white man who received too much coverage, whereas the victim was not even spoken to. Others criticized organizations like the Coalition on Homelessness and ACLU for not taking homeless people in.

Another user tweeted that if she had been there, she would have “called him out for the racist he is.”