Elvis’ Grandaughter Won’t See A Cent Of Fortune, After His Daughter Lost It All

(Presidentialwire.com)- Who will inherit Graceland once Lisa Marie Presley, 54, passes away? What will become of the famed $100 million endowment, which is reported to have been completely spent and left her $16 million in debt by 2016?

Financial issues still surround Lisa Marie; her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, failed in his attempt to have their prenup annulled during their divorce in 2016, but he resurrected the case in 2021 and demanded that she pay the $4,600 per month in child support that had been awarded.

Her financial situation is unknown, and the lawsuit has not yet been resolved.

At age 25, she received a $100 million inheritance; however, she claimed that due to poor management and unwise investments, almost all of it had vanished.

But Graceland was still there.

Lisa Marie, who grew up in the home, is expected to have passed it on to her three surviving daughters, twin girls Harper Vivienne and Finley, 14, and actress Riley Keough, 33.

Benjamin Keough, her son, battled depression and drug addiction for a long time before committing suicide in July 2020.

Riley revealed last year while promoting Zola that her brother’s death had deeply affected her. Riley’s most recent part is in the Amazon Prime series Daisy Jones and the Six, which tells the tale of a 1970s rock band.

She admitted to The New York Times that she felt “like I was thrown into the ocean and couldn’t swim” for a full year.

“I couldn’t get out of bed for the first four or five months,” she continued. I was completely helpless. I was unable to speak for two weeks.

Riley still finds it difficult to absorb the catastrophe.

She says she’s found solace in helping others going through similar circumstances.

The singer-songwriter had a history of substance misuse and depression, as well as previous struggles with mental illness. On Riley’s 28th birthday, which would have been in 2020, Lisa Marie tweeted a heartfelt remembrance of her “sweet boy.”

The grounds now receive 600,000 visits annually, placing them third in tourist traffic behind the White House and the Biltmore Estate.

The property continues to be used as a family home by the Presleys, who assemble for dinners and family reunions.