ZERO NFL Interest In Signing Kaepernick Even After Rumors

( After fizzling out in the National Football League, Colin Kaepernick made himself relevant by becoming one of the most vocal anti-America social justice warriors in the country. Since being dropped by his team, Kaepernick has signed multi-million molar deals with sports accessories companies and pushed a far-left agenda that says America is racist at its core.

After years of causing trouble, rumors circulated that NFL teams were showing interest in signing the controversial political activists, but new reports seem to suggest this is not actually the care.

Speaking to Pro Football Talk, a source familiar with the situation said that nobody has contacted Kaepernick’s agent about signing him to an NFL contract. They did not confirm or deny that Kaepernick would be willing to sign a new contract.


Mike Florio wrote for Pro Football Talk that there was “fake” interest expressed in signing Kaepernick following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, but that this fake interest really just came from “guilt.”

“There has been zero interest expressed as to Kaepernick ‘in months,’” he reported. “At one point along the way, NFL Media reported that teams had contacted ‘friends and associates’ of Kaepernick and that they would be contacting his agent when they ‘get to the point where they’re confident enough that they think they can work out a contract.’”

So it turns out that any interest shown in signing Kaepernick in the wake of George Floyd’s death was all just…virtue signaling.

Florio said that either the teams “never got to the point of confidence that they can work out a contract” or it was just “more bullsh*t.”

As Breitbart notes, however, there is little reason to believe whether Kaepernick even needs a contract. His political activism has scored him huge deals with major brands, and he spends a little time giving speeches on rare occasions or running social justice camps. He lives the life of a millionaire because Nike keeps giving him deals.

We’d say “get woke, go broke,” but in this instance, it’s “get woke, get massive deals with Nike.”