Zelenskyy Pushing For More Western Support

While the United States is dragging its feet on making firmer promises to Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has lately said that his troops can defeat Russia with the Baltic States’ support but need better air defense systems.

A strategic military intelligence specialist, Rebekah Koffler, told media outlets that Zelenskyy had fought well against Putin, but Kyiv, DC, and Brussels’ lack of long-term planning led to the destruction of Ukraine. Now is the moment to think strategically and preserve what is left.

The Pentagon said this month that there is no more funding for Ukraine, and Koffler added that US weapons arsenals have been steadily depleted due to this conflict, so there is also little military gear available to spare for Ukraine.

Lithuania reportedly plans to deploy armored personnel carriers and 200 million Euros to assist Ukraine in addition to detonation systems, ammunition, and generators this month.

While the US and the UK have supported Zelenskyy as Russia’s invasion persisted, the Balkan and Baltic States have remained among Ukraine’s most ardent allies.

Instead of blaming Ukraine’s supporters, Koffler said that Zelenskyy was also to blame since he lacked strategic vision, was foolish, and was stubborn the whole campaign.

According to Koffler, the decimation of Ukraine and its inhabitants is a catastrophe. It will be remembered as the most significant setback in Western strategic planning efforts.

Although Putin bears the brunt of the blame, Koffler pointed out that the American military and NATO were aware of the impending Russian invasion of Ukraine for years before it happened, but they did nothing.

Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander and Retired four-star general Phil Breedlove claimed in an interview that Ukraine will succeed in its battle against Russia, but only if Western allies and the United States maintain their military assistance. The war will conclude in the precise manner that Western politicians have hoped for.

During a so-called peace conference in Davos, Switzerland, ahead of the annual World Economic Forum meeting, Ukrainian authorities promised to keep fighting until Russia restores all of the seized areas.