YouTuber’s Boxing Stunt Looks Like It Could Go Bad

( Paddy Pimblett appeared on the British show “Pub Talk” only a week and a half before UFC 282 to discuss his fight. Jake Paul was eventually mentioned.

With his money, training, and work ethic, Paddy feels Jake Paul has the potential to become a professional boxer and beat some of the sport’s finest talent. However, he sees a major problem with Paul’s fighting.  Pimblett alleged that his fights are fixed.

Reports show that on November 29, Jake Paul retaliated by accusing Pimblett of referring to Anderson Silva, whom Paul defeated last month to remain undefeated in his boxing career, as a criminal.

Paul stated in a YouTube video that he was sick and tired of the story, inferring it was sad and pathetic.  He claimed Pimblett denigrated his own sport’s GOAT (Greatest of all time).  He said Pimblett was suggesting Silva was a swindler.

Paul then challenged Pimblett to five three-minute rounds of boxing and offered $1 million if Pimblett won. But if Paul won, Pimblett must join the United Fighters Association and assist Paul in signing up all of the fighters in the UK.

Reports show Pimblett first stated that his UFC contract would not allow him to fight and that he needed time to gain weight and recuperate from another fight. But then Pimblett said to all of that. He’s in.

Pimblett said he’d accept the challenge. He’d fight on Saturday, relax on Sunday, and beat Paul up on Monday.

According to MMAJunkie, Pimblett knows a boxing battle with Paul will not happen as long as he is under a UFC contract. But Pimblett believes he would work him if they ever fought.

Pimblett remarked that he didn’t think Paul was a poor boxer.  He is a decent boxer now because all he has done in the last two years is box.  Pimblett thought Paul could beat Tommy Fury, but he was not sure he could beat him.

Pimblett said he had more heart, guts, and dedication than Paul. If they agreed to a fight and Pimblett simply focused on boxing for three to six months, He’d punch him around the ring.

What a soap opera!