Young Man Shot By Police After He Expressed Anti-Government Views

( A traffic stop turned deadly when 25-year-old Chase Allen argued with a police officer over the legality of providing identification, according to The Post Millennial. Allen was reportedly stopped for not having his vehicle registered. An officer walks up to the vehicle and said that it did not appear to be registered, prompting Allen to reply that there does not have to be registration and informing him that he does not answer questions.  

The officer is then heard calling for backup. The bodycam footage shows Allen speaking through his barely opened tinted window while the officer is trying to figure out if anyone else is in the vehicle with him. Allen was asked again for identification and was told that he was being detained and was not free to leave. When Allen finally pulled out his passport, he reluctantly gave it to the officer, making sure that the officer accepted trust and responsibility for it.  

When the officer inspected the passport and read Allen’s name aloud, Allen then claimed that the passport was not representative of him because it was only plastic. “So, what you’re telling me is that you have a fraudulent passport?” he asked.   

As more officers arrived on the scene, the young man was then told to step out of the vehicle. But he still would not comply. That is when another shouted “gun” several times and two to three officers opened fire. After pulling a limp Allen out of the car and handcuffing him, the officers begin to perform first aid and note that he has multiple shots to the chest and a possible wound to the hit.  

Farmington Police Chief Eric Johnson defended the actions of the officers, saying that deadly force is used to respond to an imminent threat. A gun was pictured to on the floor of Allen’s vehicle. His family said that he was studying law and wanted to protect the rights of citizens.