WSJ Poll: Voters Side With Republicans Over Dems on Far More Issues

( It doesn’t matter how many times the Democrats claim that President Joe Biden was the most popular presidential candidate in history, the polls keep proving otherwise.

And the polls are historically more favorable towards the Democrats…so you know something serious is going on.

According to a brand new poll from The Wall Street Journal, released on Tuesday, Republicans have significantly more support from the American people in the run-up to the 2022 midterm elections.

As Joe Biden wraps up his first year on the job, it turns out that voters are more concerned about issues like immigration, the border, taxation, crime, inflation, the economy, and spending more than ever. In other words, the American people are interested in what the Republicans are talking about, and not what the Democrats are talking about.

According to the poll, Republicans are more widely favored by Americans to handle the following matters than Democrats.

– The economy, by 9 percentage points.
– Reducing the deficit, by 11 percentage points.
– Fixing immigration, by 14 percentage points.
– Controlling federal spending, by 16 percentage points
– Dealing with China, by 17 percentage points
– Fixing inflation, by 18 percentage points
– Managing taxation, by 19 percentage points
– Reducing crime figures, by 20 points
– Securing the southern border, by 36 percentage points

Just look at those numbers and ask yourself…do the Democrats have any hope whatsoever of holding onto control of the House or the Senate next year?

The same poll also revealed how President Joe Biden’s approval rating continues to sink, with 57% of voters saying they disapprove of the job he’s doing. Some 46% strongly disapprove of the job he’s doing, and more voters said that they would vote for a Republican over a Democrat if the election were held that day.

Biden has probably had the most disastrous first year in office for any president in recent American history…