World Health Organization Suddenly Stops Biden’s Health Amendments

( Reuters confirmed on Thursday that the World Health Organization withdrew 12 of the 13 modifications proposed by the Biden administration to change the International Health Regulations at the World Health Assembly annual conference.

According to TGP, Biden’s Health and Human Service Department secretly filed recommended revisions to the WHO in January to “Strengthen WHO readiness for and response to health catastrophes.”

The proposals would change the 2005 International Health Regulations to give the WHO medical sovereignty in the event of a “public health emergency” or epidemic.
Following ratification, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and any successors would have full power to enforce WHO laws.

Brazil, Iran, Malaysia, and certain African countries are said to have opposed the alterations, insisting that the changes proposed by Biden be incorporated in a new “Pandemic Treaty.”

The African delegation supported the revisions in principle but cautioned that the process should not be hurried.

On Tuesday, Moses Keetile, deputy permanent secretary in Botswana’s health ministry, told the assembly that “the African region shares the perspective that the procedure should not be rushed.”

Only Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro opposed the pandemic pact and chastised Biden’s modifications, pledging that his country would not hand over its sovereignty to the globalist institution.

Bolsonaro said that Brazil would not join this World Health Organization Pandemic Treaty. Bolsonaro told reporters on Thursday that Brazil is self-governing and that you can forget about Brazil since it is autonomous and will not get involved in this. He said he has already spoken with their foreign affairs cabinet, and if that idea moves further, it will not involve Brazil.
Bolsonaro said that he was the sole statesman who refused to follow the lockdown measures. The populist president added that he argued that they needed to care for the elderly and individuals with co-morbidities and that recent research, particularly outside of Brazil, indicates that he was correct.

However, in its upcoming meeting on June 16-17, the United Nations body is expected to revisit Biden’s modifications.

When the WHO reconvenes on August 1, it will also discuss the separate Pandemic Treaty, which is presently being prepared.