World Economic Forum Leader Calls For Literal Concentration Camps

( A report by Natalie Winters just revealed how Wang Guan, a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum, has not once, not twice, but several times advocated for “re-education camps.”

Yes, we’re talking about the same kind of camps used by the Chinese Communist Party to “re-educate” Uyghur Muslims and other ethnic minorities who do not subscribe to the communist ideology of the Chinese government.

Wang, who is also a chief political correspondent for CGTN America, a Mandarin news service owned by the Chinese Communist Party in Washington, D.C., is one of 112 Young Global Leaders chosen by extremist Klaus Schwab, the chairman of the World Economic Forum, to represent his global organization.

The WEF brings together world leaders, politicians, and business owners from all over the world to advance a globalist agenda that may ultimately break down global governments and implement communism on an international basis. Schwab himself has advocated for the Great Reset, despite media outlets claiming the idea is only a conspiracy theory and even published a book titled the “Great Narrative.” He publicly advocates for the abolition of property.

Wang has reportedly said in several interviews and videos that the re-education camps in China have proven extremely effective at re-educating Uyghurs and ethnic minorities in China, in what appears to be an effort to defend the Chinese Communist Party…and potentially keep him his job at CGTN America.

In one film published by the network, Wang attempts to redefine the camps, arguing that they are “providing care to Muslim citizens.”

See for yourself here:

When the World Economic Forum is advocating extremists like this and defending literal concentration camps, how can any world leader share a stage with Klaus Schwab?