Woman Pretends To Be Man To Get With Teen, Gets Arrested

A woman from Britain allegedly deceived a visually impaired woman into sexual relations by posing as a man and asking her to remove her glasses.

The prosecutor Anna Pope opened the trial by stating that the case was about the defendant deceiving someone into believing she was a young man.

According to reports, a 21-year-old woman named Georgia Bilham allegedly used the alias “George Parry” to trick a 19-year-old woman into a sexual relationship. Bilham reportedly created fake social media profiles and messaged the victim using the username “George_132.”

The pair decided to meet in 2021 after chatting online. According to reports, Bilham allegedly took advantage of the teenage woman’s severely impaired vision by demanding that her partner remove her glasses before engaging in sexual activity, effectively rendering her unable to see.

According to reports, Bilham used a cartoon image of a fair-haired man donning sunglasses as his social media profile picture. He allegedly told the victim that her association with an Albanian crime gang was why she wore men’s clothing, like hoodies.

The victim tried to remove Bilham’s underwear, but “he” stopped her, saying she was ashamed about fake scars. The alleged victim became frustrated because her partner made excuses and didn’t want to be touched intimately. 

The woman became suspicious when the police called her partner “Georgia” instead of “George” after a traffic accident. However, the woman’s partner claimed she was using a fake driver’s license. The girl grew more suspicious and asked Bilham to prove her identity. Bilham said she didn’t have a passport and showed pictures of a young blonde man.

In August 2021, when the victim tried to introduce Bilham to her mother, her mother expressed doubts that Bilham was a man, which confirmed the victim’s feelings.

The victim allegedly wrote to Bilham, telling him to admit he had been found out.

Bilham has been arrested and is facing charges of sexual assault and assault by penetration.

Pope informed the jurors that the sexual activity between the two individuals was not based on valid consent due to a pretense.

Upon her arrest, Bilham declined to cooperate with investigators and has vehemently denied the charges. The defense is anticipated to challenge whether the purported victim knew Bilham was female.