Woman Jailed for Fraud Over Making Fake Hillary Clinton Documentary

Louisville, Kentucky – May 15, 2016: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton campaigns to a crowd at a rally in Louisville, Kentucky.

After con artists fooled a former EastEnders soap opera actress into thinking she was filming a documentary about Hillary Clinton, they were each sentenced to three years in prison.

63-year-old Anne Mulloy informed her friend Helena Breck that she had required money for expenditures for over five years, even though the film was a ruse and had never been started.

Using her assumed identity as Anne Leuser, Mulloy said that she was acquainted with Mrs. Clinton and would be granted access to her 2016 presidential campaign.

Sheriff Craig Findlater handed her a three-year prison sentence yesterday at Peterhead Sheriff Court after her scheme was thwarted.

The scam took place between October 2011 and April 2017. Mulloy was convicted of fraud for soliciting loans from Breck under false pretenses, which were never intended to be paid back.

While the Fraserburgh lady, “Anne Leuser,” persisted in her fraud, her former buddy, Breck, loaned her money on many occasions. The court saw a spreadsheet that Breck had made showing a number of almost £114,000 as of April 1, 2016.

According to Mulloy, she had every intention of filming the documentary about Hillary Clinton. However, this was proven false in 2017 when the fantasist’s deceitful attempts to scam documentary filmmakers out of £120,000 for her planned film on the prominent Democrat were discovered during her incarceration in London.

The defense attorney, Jordanna Blockley, stated that Mulloy was facing severe health issues and that a community sentence may be considered as an alternative to incarceration.

But according to Sheriff Findlater, she had a record of similar offenses and was convicted of a persistent deception involving tens of thousands of pounds.

With the magnitude, duration, and effect of the scam, the sheriff determined that only a prison term would be fitting.

Her “ill health” was most likely a scam, as well.