Whoopi Goldberg Was Not Wearing A Fat Suit, Forcing Daily Beast To Issue Correction

(presidentialwire.com)-In a recent review of the upcoming film “Till,” The Daily Beast’s Kyndall Cunningham said that the “fat suit” Whoopi Goldberg wore in her role as Emmett Till’s grandmother, Alma Carthan was “distracting.”

In the film, which details the brutal murder of 14-year-old Emmett Till in 1955, Goldberg plays the mother of Till’s mom, Mamie who is a central figure in the story.

In her review, Cunningham describes the plot as “Mamie’s journey” leading up to the trial of Till’s murderers through conversations between her and her family, adding “including Whoopi Goldberg as her mother, Alma Carthan, in a distracting fat suit.”

Only there’s just one problem.

It turns out Whoopi Goldberg wasn’t wearing a fat suit.


Last Monday on “The View,” Goldberg decided to embarrass herself further by pointing out that she was not wearing a fat suit in the film.

Nope. That fat? It was all 100% Whoopi.

Whoopi complained about Cunningham for saying her fat suit was distracting and said Cunningham should know, “that was not a fat suit. That was me.” She admitted that during filming, she had been on steroids.

She blasted Cunningham’s review, saying it is okay not to like the film, but added that Cunningham should have left people’s looks out of her review.

Whoopi said she didn’t think Cunningham was trying to be “demeaning,” but she should have checked first before claiming it was a fat suit.

Watch the segment HERE.

After Whoopi called her out, Cunningham revised her review, removing the line about Whoopi and her distracting fat suit.