White House Wrongly Claims That Support For Biden Agenda Is “Overwhelming”

(PresidentialWire.com)- This week may prove critical for the Biden administration and its legislative agenda, with so many big votes pending.

On Monday, the White House circulated a memo that said public support for the president’s economic package is very high. As the memo stated:

“As we enter the final phase of legislative negotiations over the President’s economic package — the evidence is overwhelming that the wind is at our backs and the public is eager for both of these packages to become law.”

The packages in question are a spending package and infrastructure bill that would spend $3.5 trillion. The White House has been working hard to unite the two outlying groups of the Democratic Party — moderates and progressives — to support the packages as Biden has proposed.

It’s so essential that the White House get everyone in the party on board, because they’re going to need to pass the massive spending packages through budget reconciliation, since it’s highly unlikely they’re going to get any votes from Republicans in either chamber.

Last week, Biden tried to rally the troops by hosting different lawmaker groups at the White House.

Progressives have said they wouldn’t vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill unless the $3.5 trillion package passes through the House. At the same time, the more moderate members of Congress said they’re concerned about the package’s overall price tag, as well as some of the elements that are contained in it.

Still, Biden told reporters he’s “optimistic about this week.”

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House pushed back voting on the bipartisan infrastructure package from Monday to Thursday. That could be a sign of bad things to come, but the White House still seems like they believe it’s going to work.

The memo circulated by the White House cited various polling data that shows support for the $3.5 trillion package. One poll they included was conducted by Fox News, which showed that 56% of registered voters were in favor of the package, with 39% against it and 5% unsure.

A recent Pew poll showed 49% of adults in the U.S. were in favor of the package, with only 25% against it, and 25% unsure about it.

A poll from the Morning Consult-Politico that was released earlier in September showed voters do support the White House’s plan to pay for this expensive package by increasing taxes on corporations and the wealthy. That poll showed that 68% of registered voters supported increasing taxes on the wealthy, and 62% supported increasing taxes on corporations.

As the memo pointed out:

“By closing loopholes, cracking down on wealthy tax cheats, and making the tax code fairer, we can cut taxes for the middle class, invest in a strong, durable economy that works for everyone, and lower costs on essentials like health care, prescription drugs, and childcare for working families. And because President Biden’s plan is fully paid for, we can do this with a price tag of $0.”