White House Tries To Walk Back Biden’s Statements On COVID

(PresidentialWire.com)- Shortly before leaving the White House for yet another trip to Delaware, President Joe Biden held a virtual meeting last Monday with some of the country’s governors on his pretend White House stage set. And during the meeting, Biden made a stunning admission, telling the governors that there is no federal solution to the COVID pandemic and it must be solved at the state level.

The news of Biden’s admission set off a chain reaction from conservative media and on Twitter.

This is the man who vowed on countless occasions during the campaign that he would “shut down the virus.”

In July 2020, Candidate Biden took to Twitter where he attacked President Trump for refusing to do his job. Biden claimed that “we need a coordinated national response from the federal government” to beat COVID. Then he announced that he has a plan that would do that.

In August 2021, Biden told governors who refused to cooperate with the federal government’s COVID response to get out of the way so Biden could do the job.

And less than six months later, Joe Biden was asking governors to get back in the way because there is no federal solution to COVID.

It’s actually kind of funny.

Knowing that Biden just landed the administration in a tough spot, the very next day the White House engaged in a little damage control, trying to walk back the President’s “no federal solution” remark.

The official White House Twitter account patted the Biden/Harris administration on the back for making sure states had what they needed to “tackle COVID,” including a thousand “additional doctors and nurses,” stockpiling PPE, and “adding vaccine and booster capacity. And more.”

Conservative columnist Stephen L. Miller responded to the White House tweet saying, “Klain hit the twitter emergency button.”

This is why they chase the press out of the room before Joe Biden talks. The White House knows that a free-range Biden is going to say something they will have to walk back.

Ultimately, the Biden campaign made the mistake of promising too much and delivering too little. And now they’re living with the consequences.