White House Reporter Threatens Legal Action Against Washington Post

Simon Ateba, a reporter for Today News Africa, has threatened legal action against the Washington Post unless it retracts a recent feature of him.

A report reveals that Ateba has threatened legal action against the Washington Post if they do not apologize for their smear campaign against him. In a statement sent to Fox News Digital on Friday, Ateba stated that this should serve as a warning to the network to be fair and not just destroy a person at the behest of the government and the White House Correspondents’ Association.

In response to previous pieces in the Washington Post about his alleged misbehavior, Ateba, an opinionated journalist who has often battled with White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre in briefings, chastised the publication. 

Ateba said that he no longer had any faith in the Washington Post, and the state of journalism nowadays is abysmal.

Ateba tweeted a compliment from Tucker Carlson, a then-host of Fox News, who had previously backed him in his fight against the Biden White House, calling Ateba the biggest name and sharpest reporter in Africa.  

A report shows that in March, Carlson said that was why Karine Jean-Pierre made it clear she refuses to communicate with Ateba. It’s been almost four months since she last called on him.  Now we hear that Karine Jean-Pierre and Simon Ateba won’t speak until next year, which means never.

Carlson noted that Jean-Pierre’s temper flared last December when Ateba tried to ask a question regarding a conference between African leaders and President Joe Biden.   She got mad at Ateba, slammed her briefing book shut, and left the room.  Last November, Ateba inquired about the backstory of COVID-19, and Jean-Pierre cut him off.

According to a report, at the beginning of the year, Simon Ateba was told he was not allowed to join the White House Correspondents Association.  The White House correspondent for Today News Africa tweeted his intention to sue the organization because of their fraudulent charges against both him and his company, as well as their violation of the organization’s own membership criteria.