White House Quietly Corrects Biden On Americans Being Evacuated

(PresidentialWire.com)- A great deal of the White House press office’s time appears to be devoted to cleaning up the messes Joe Biden leaves behind whenever he opens his mouth.

During his bizarrely angry and shouting speech Tuesday to bragg about surrendering Afghanistan to the Taliban, President Biden, though reading from a teleprompter, told the American people that 90 percent of American citizens who wanted to leave Afghanistan were evacuated.

It took no time for the press and social media to point out that leaving ten percent of Americans behind was nothing to angrily crow about.

So in came the White House clean-up team.

The transcript of President Biden’s remarks posted on the White House website included a number of strike-through words and bracketed corrections – including a strike-through over the word “Ninety” with the bracketed correction “[Ninety-eight] percent.”

The White House also had to clean-up President Biden’s name for his Saigon-like debacle. The President referred to it as “Operation Allied Rescue.” But in the transcript a strike-through is over the words “Allied Rescue” with the correction “[Allies Refuge]” beside it.

On the one hand, you have to appreciate that the White House isn’t pretending Joe’s flubs didn’t happen by quietly removing them from the transcript. Instead, they leave his flubs in place, only adding a strike-through and bracketed correction.

One correction the White House didn’t make was President Biden’s claim that Russia and China would love it if the US remained in Afghanistan.

Then again, that isn’t a flub. It’s an outright lie.

Next to the Taliban itself and the terror groups they will harbor, Russia and China are also delighted that the US no longer has a presence in Central Asia. If Russia and China wanted the US to still maintain some operational foothold in Central Asia, they would not be working so hard to prevent us from gaining a base of operations in one of the countries bordering Afghanistan.

Taliban leaders had been meeting with both Russian and Chinese officials during the course of the US withdrawal.

By leaving Afghanistan, the Biden administration created a vacuum which both the Russians and Chinese are more than happy to fill.