White House Photos Were Planted By Trump Staffer Of Hunter Biden

(presidentialwire.com)- A Trump staffer allegedly planted photos of Hunter Biden is White House AC units, breaking them, according to Mediaite. A staffer for Trump’s Director of the Presidential Personnel Office, John McEntee reportedly left the surprises for the incoming Biden administration after Trump was ousted from office.

The information comes as part of Maggie Haberman’s upcoming book Confidence Man: The Making of Donald Trump and the Breaking of America. While the book is not yet available, Politico obtained a section. The outlet reported,

“…excerpts of the new book shared with West Wing Playbook show how in the final days of his presidency, Trump’s team took steps to sabotage their successors. Haberman reported that an employee of JOHN MCENTEE, who served as Trump’s director of the Presidential Personnel Office, stuffed copies of photos of HUNTER BIDEN into an air conditioning unit at the White House, breaking it.

“The moment was a particularly petty representation of the disregard even rank-and-file staff had for the people who would soon be taking their jobs.”

But this kind of juvenile pranking is not new to the White House or outgoing administrations.

In January 23, ABC reported that when the Bush administration assumed office, every W key on the computer keyboards were missing or unusable. Staffers from former-President Bill Clinton were the suspected culprits.

When asked of his reaction, then White House spokesman Ari Fleischer said that, “It would have been ‘Wow.’ But the W was removed, so now it’s just, ‘Oh.’”

The joke was taken in good stride, however.

“Any more jokes played on me? Anybody in this room want to answer that?” Fleischer asked reporters who were situated in his office.

“Give us time,” a reporter replied dryly, as ABC reported.