White House Partly Evacuated After Drone Enters Restricted Air Space

(presidentialwire.com)- Early on Wednesday morning, a drone reportedly entered a restricted area, prompting Secret Service personnel to conduct a sweep, which resulted in a partial evacuation of the White House.

A lockdown was put in place, and the North Lawn was evacuated out of an abundance of caution; however, it was quickly lifted, and no injuries were recorded due to the event.

The U.S. Secret Service’s chief of communications, Anthony Guglielmi, provided an explanation of the situation on Twitter on Wednesday and thanked followers for their support as the organization carried out its duties.

Guglielmi said that after a drone entered a prohibited area close to the White House, the #SecretService Uniformed Division and technical security teams carried out precautionary sweeps.

When instances like the one on Wednesday morning occur, the Secret Service frequently takes safeguards like lockdowns or evacuations.

In June, a small jet accidentally entered restricted airspace, forcing President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden to leave their home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, for a short time. The Bidens could return to the residence once the jet was escorted out of the restricted area.

At the time, a White House representative said all indications were that a tiny private plane entered restricted airspace by error, and “precautionary measures were taken.”

The official declared that neither the President nor his family was in danger.

The White House has seen similar occurrences in the past. The structure was put on lockdown in May 2016 after a Secret Service agent shot an armed guy approaching a checkpoint. Barack Obama, the former president, was in office, but he was not present on the grounds of the White House.

However, Biden, the vice president at the time, was at the White House and was in a safe area throughout the lockdown brought on by the shooting.

The Secret Service has responded to drones before, and this time is no exception. In January 2015, a man lost control of a drone, and it landed on the White House grounds.