White House Officials Panicking After Biden Refuses To Release CDC Data To Public

(PresidentialWire.com)- A new report by Axios reveals that President Joe Biden’s White House is infuriated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s total lack of transparency on COVID-19 data, following the controversial decision to encourage fully vaccinated Americans to once again start wearing masks in public.

The Axios report said that top officials in the White House are asking for internal visibility into the data being collected by the agency, particularly with regards to the spread of the Delta variant. However, they are not receiving it.

A source told Axios that people are asking, “Where the hell are the data?”

Yeah, that’s the question much of the American public, and the Republicans, have been asking for over a year now.

John Moore, a virologist, told the outlet that countries that have centralized healthcare systems have an advantage over the United States, as it makes it easier for data to be shared and collected. The United States, with its private healthcare system, is not able to as seamlessly collect and share that data. He added that its not a fault of the CDC.

But if it’s not the fault of the CDC, and if they don’t have the data that the White House is asking for, then how can the CDC implement new recommendations and rules?

Without the data, how are American citizens being told to mask up or risk endangering lives

The most recent data dump from the CDC came in April, right before the Delta variant arrived in the United States. And now that the Delta variant is here, Democrat mayors are issuing vaccine mandates and President Joe Biden is looking into whether he has the authority to force all school children to wear masks in class.

If the CDC doesn’t have the data, then who does?

And if nobody does…then what is President Biden basing his decisions on?