White House “Norman Rockwell” Paintings Are Being Taken Away

(PresidentialWire.com)- Normal Rockwell illustrated beautiful, calm, tranquil moments of American life that represent our nation’s ideals. Perhaps it’s fitting that Biden would have his paintings taken from the White House.

Many Rockwell drawings that hung in the White House for decades had been replaced with “multiple giant pictures” of the president.

The family who held four Norman Rockwell watercolor and black-and-white White House sketches asked for them back.

Rockwell’s “So You Want to See the President” series depicts reporters, military commanders, and congressmen waiting to see the president. In 1943, Rockwell sketched the White House reception room, and the Saturday Evening Post reprinted the image. Descendants of Steve Early, FDR’s publicity secretary, donated the pieces to the White House.

The family recently wanted them back, and the White House obliged, but it’s unclear why Biden photographs were a good alternative. Thankfully it wasn’t Hunter Biden’s spin art.

The White House has hundreds of American artworks, including these Rockwell panels.
Steven Spielberg donated “Working on the Statue of Liberty” by Norman Rockwell in 1994. During Bill Clinton’s presidency, the picture hung in his “den of iniquity” Oval Office, but it currently hangs in the upstairs living quarters.

No one in the current government has remarked on the shift, although it seems suitable given Biden’s leadership.

Rockwell’s series “The Four Freedoms” was inspired by Roosevelt’s four freedoms: “freedom of expression, freedom of worship, freedom from hunger, and freedom from fear.”
In Biden’s America, gender-confused males must be called women, and “dead-naming” a woman who disfigured her body to seem more masculine may have cultural leaders banned from social media.

The left tolerates religious freedom when it doesn’t interfere with drag queen family evenings, close abortion mills, or involve public prayer.

The beautiful image of a family gathered around a large Thanksgiving turkey may soon be a remnant of an ancient period of affluence and luxury.

Biden’s gaunt and blank face describes all of his presidency: a frail old man draining all the optimism, freedom, prosperity, opportunity, unity, and American idealism from the White House.

Maybe the 79-year-old needs large photographs of his face to remember who he is.