White House Has Evidence Illegal Arrests Hidden From Public

(PresidentialWire.com)- Since 2011, Immigration and Customs Enforcement has released an end-of-year report detailing arrests and deportations for the year before the start of the new year. However, this key report for Fiscal Year 2021 still has not been released by the Biden administration.

And some critics believe the White House is dragging its feet because the report would be politically damaging to an administration already struggling under the weight of countless political disasters.

According to Jon Feere with the Center for Immigration Studies, the delay in the release is unprecedented. Feere, a former ICE official, told Fox News that the annual report has always been something ICE did proudly because ICE officers wanted to present the results of all their hard work.

He said the Biden administration’s political appointees refusing to release the report is a “slap in the face to the hard-working career officials” at ICE. What’s more, Feere added, it is clearly a politically-motivated decision to hide the negative impact of the administration’s immigration enforcement policies.

In a statement to Fox News, ICE denied that it is dragging its feet, arguing that the report is traditionally released either around the end of the year or at the beginning of the next year. ICE claims the report is currently in a final review, but would not say when it is expected to be released.

Yeah, right.

Here’s the bottom line. The Biden administration’s approach to Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been radically different from the Trump administration. The Biden White House imposed new restrictions on ICE officers that limited them to targeting only aggravated felons, recent border crossers, and national security threats. The administration also barred ICE from making arrests of illegals at a range of different places, including courthouses. The administration also put a stop to worksite enforcement raids.

The FY2020 ICE report from the Trump Administration showed arrests were down from the previous year, however, that was likely due to the COVID pandemic. Even with the numbers down, there were still 103,603 arrests and 185,884 deportations.

The delayed FY2021 report will likely show that arrests and deportations are markedly down, despite the unprecedented influx of illegals and the ongoing border crisis.

Jon Feere suspects when the delayed report finally gets released, it will be narrower, making it harder to compare the data to previous years. He told Fox News that the Biden administration will do its best to manipulate the numbers to put its horrific policies in “the best light possible.”