White House Claims Reports Of Western Civilization “Collapsing” Are Misinformation

(PresidentialWire.com)- Stormy Daniels, the porn star who defamed former President Donald Trump and failed in her various legal pursuits against him, recently accused her former attorney Michael Avenatti of stealing money that she earned as part of a book contract during the Trump scandal.

In his opening statement in a trial that started this week, Assistant United States Attorney Andrew Rohrbach described how Avenatti lied to his client to cover up his scheme.

Avenatti, a convicted felon, reportedly stole two payments from Daniels’ book publisher. Four payments totaling $800,000 were agreed to be paid to the porn star.

Prosecutors allege that Avenatti forged Daniels’ signature on a letter sent to her literary agent and requested that the advance payments for the book be sent to a bank account that he controlled. The letter is understood to have worked, and payments of almost $300,000 were deposited into the account controlled by Avenatti, and soon spent by him.

When Daniels asked Aventatti where the money went, her attorney allegedly lied about it and claimed that the publisher was late to pay her. However, prosecutors say that the money was spent paying Avenatti’s payroll at his law firm. He also allegedly paid some of the lease on his Ferrari with the money.

Daniels discovered what had happened in early 2019 when she spoke to a representative from her publisher. She was then sent a copy of the letter sent to their office by Avenatti asking for the money to be sent to an account she did not control.

Avenatti, already sentenced to 2.5 years in prison for extorting sports brand Nike, claims that he is “completely innocent.” His attorneys claim that Daniels is a “disgruntled former client” and that Avenatti had loaned hundreds of thousands of dollars to the porn star and used the book payments to pay himself back.

The trial continues.