White House Briefs TikTok Stars on Ukraine In Apparent “Publicity Stunt”

(PresidentialWire.com)- Last Thursday, while the war in Ukraine churned on and Americans learned that inflation had hit a 40-year high, the White House was busy briefing thirty TikTok “influencers” on the war in Ukraine and how to best transmit the administration’s talking points.

Yup. “The adults are back in charge.”

Just what America needs, a bunch of dopes who dance in TikTok for money getting a briefing from White House press secretary Jen Psaki on how to best transmit the White House talking points.

But it’s Russia that engages in state-run propaganda.

The state-sponsored TikTok “influencers” were briefed by both Psaki and members of the National Security Council who explained the Biden administration’s “strategic goals” in Ukraine.

Remember how much they complained about Trump tweeting? Compared to the Biden administration’s obsession with social media, Trump’s tweets seem almost quaint and harmless.

The administration coordinated this TikTok briefing with a Left-wing advocacy group called Gen Z For Change. The group picked which TikTok “influencers” the White House should meet with and orchestrated the Zoom-call briefing.

According to reports, the Deputy Director of Gen Z For Change, Victoria Hammett used to be a volunteer content creator for a group called TikTok for Biden.

Good grief.

Some of the “influencers” who attended last Thursday’s briefing said they felt more “empowered to debunk misinformation” about the conflict in Ukraine.

Ah, yes. They got their propaganda talking points and now they’ll venture out to share the talking points with their followers.

How is this not state-run propaganda?

One of the so-called “Influencers,” however was not impressed with the briefing. Ukrainian-born journalist Jules Suzdaltsev described the meeting as “a press briefing for kindergartners.”

“The adults are back in charge!”

Even TikTok could smell a rat. On the same day the White House held its “Influencer” briefing, TikTok announced that it would begin labeling state-controlled media on its platform.