Whistleblower Says John Kerry Used Pseudonymous Email in Office

Former Secretary of State John Kerry has been accused by a recent whistleblower of using a pseudonymous email, or a fictitious email while working under the Obama administration. The whistleblower disclosed the new information to two Republican senators, who have taken action on the matter by addressing the claims to the current Secretary of State. 

This past Monday, Republican Senators Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin sent a letter to the current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, requesting all documented records that were related to Kerry’s pseudonymous email address be sent to the two senators. In their letter, the republican senators wrote that they wanted to know whether or not former Secretary Kerry complied with all federal records laws and regulations under his official email communications. The senators continued that since July of 2021, they have raised concerns about former Vice President Joe Biden’s usage of non-governmental email addresses and fictitious ones for official business and compliance with federal laws. The senators noted that to this day, the Biden Administration has yet to address Biden’s compliance with federal record laws. 

It has been noted that the issue of public servants using fake names and email addresses to operate discretely has been a long-running issue in the nation’s politics of the 21st century. House of Representatives Oversight Chair James Comer, who is a Republican from Kentucky, stated to the New York Post back in October that The National Archives has reported 82,000 pages of emails from Joe Biden under a fake name, during his time as Vice President under the Obama Administration. However, Comer stated that the current Biden Administration has cleared only 14 pages in response to the multiple requests from the Oversight Committee for those documents related to Biden during his Vice Presidency. 

The controversy comes not long after Biden’s recent troubles as his son Hunter was found guilty of three 2018 federal gun charges.